How Often Should You Exercise?

Everyone knows that regular exercise is a key part of living a healthy lifestyle, but how often do you need to exercise? Key Benefits Of Regular Exercise There are a number of reasons why you should do exercises on a regular basis. These include: Exercise can make you...

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How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost?

One common reasons why people avoid physiotherapy treatments is the fear of what it may cost. Fortunately, physiotherapy is often much more affordable than people think it is. Today, we will examine what physiotherapy typically costs and what can affect that cost....

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Physiotherapy Health Benefits FAQs

Is Physiotherapy Covered By OHIP? In most cases, OHIP will not cover physiotherapy. For full eligibility, check out the Ontario government website. Is Physiotherapy Covered By Health Benefits? Yes, most health plans provide some coverage for physiotherapy; typically...

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10 Ways To Reduce Fall Risks This Winter

Wintertime in Canada can be beautiful, but with the cold weather also comes snow, ice and an increased risk of falling. Today we will explore 10 simple ways that you can reduce your risk of injury from falling this winter. 1. Wearing appropriate shoes and boots....

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