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By selecting a service on our website, you are requesting an appointment with one of our staff. This is a REQUEST, all requests must be confirmed first. Once we receive your request we will reach out and confirm the appointment with you.

Please do not come to our office without our confirmation of appointment first.

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Physiotherapy Services

Massage Therapy Care

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Chiropody Care & Services

Fall Risk Evaluations

Psychotherapy & Counselling

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Work Place Injury (WSIB)

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Jaw Injury Rehab (TMJ)

Custom Fit/Made Medical Braces

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of any appointments. Patients will be charged for late cancellations.

We understand that unplanned issues can arise and that you may need to cancel an appointment. If that happens, we respectfully ask for scheduled appointments to be canceled at least 24 hours in advance.

When you do not come to your scheduled appointment it affects three people:

YOU, because you won’t get the treatment needed to get better.

THE THERAPIST, who now has an empty space in his schedule since the time was reserved for you personally.

ANOTHER PATIENT, who is in need of treatment, could have been scheduled for treatment if you had given us adequate notice.

There is a no show/cancellation fee of $45 for Physiotherapy visits – if we do not receive a phone call within 24 hours’ of the appointment. This charge will not be covered by insurance and will need to be paid by the patient.

Insurance & Billing

Zenula Health is an approved provider for Extended Health Insurance. Most of our patients do not pay out-of-pocket for the treatment. We can direct bill to most of the insurance companies.

WSIB: Claims under WSIB the patients do not pay for treatment of the area under the claim.
Motor Vehicle Accidents: Any treatment needed due to MVA will be paid by the car insurance company, and we will help you with all necessary documentations.

Not sure if you’re covered? Give us a call and we will help figure this out for you.