Medical Room Rentals Belleville

Medical Room Rentals

Are you a medical professional that is looking for a short-term space to meet clients? We rent rooms for medical professionals to conduct exams and assessments for 1-2 days. We will hold the room for you and provide any required supplies. Along with the exam room, you will also recieve access to our gym space if required.

Why Book A Medical Room With Us?

  • Convenient location across from Belleville Hospital.
  • Paid parking at a cheap rate.
  • Our building is only a few meters away from public transit bus stop.
  • All rooms are wheelchair accessible.
  • FCE assessment station on-site including weights and adjustable platform for waist level and above shoulder activity assessment (you do not need to bring weights).
  • Front desk staff to help with directing your clients.
  • All treatment rooms are equipped with a treatment table, 2 chairs, pillows and bed spreads.
  • Public and staff washrooms.

Who Can Rent A Medical Room?

We rent our medical exam rooms to any health practitioner. Most commonly we rent space for:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations, Work Ability Assessments, Independent practitioner assessments.
  • Specialist assessments , Kinesiology assessments, Consultation space for Psychologists, Psychotherapists,and Nutrition Specialist.
  • Consultation of Occupational Therapists for their community clients and minor medical clinics for short term use.

How Long Can I Rent The Room?

A practitioner can book up to a week at a time in full day and half day increments. We do not rent more than a week at a time.

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