Is Physiotherapy Covered By OHIP?

In most cases, OHIP will not cover physiotherapy. For full eligibility, check out the Ontario government website.

Is Physiotherapy Covered By Health Benefits?

Yes, most health plans provide some coverage for physiotherapy; typically anywhere from $350-$750 per year. Be sure to check your health benefits for full details.

Do I Need A Doctor’s Note To Get Physio Costs Covered?

No, a doctor’s note is not needed to get coverage through your health benefits.

Do Unused Benefits Carry Over To The Next Year?

No, in most cases benefit plans will reset at the end of the calendar year. If the end of the year is approaching, it is a good idea to book in treatments before the end of the year so that you can maximize the value that you get from your benefits plan. Note that you will need to receive your treatment before the end of the year, not just book the appointment. This is because the physiotherapist can only charge for the treatment after it has been completed, not when it is booked.

Do You Need To Have An Injury To Receive Treatment?

There is a myth in over society that physiotherapy is to get something fixed after it is broken. The way to get the most out of physiotherapy, however, is to identify a problem early and start work on it way before it start hurting you. This will allow you to complete treatment in only a few sessions and can prevent future injuries.

Schedule Your Treatment Today

Health insurance policies help people get you the appropriate care that you need, but the benefits that plans provide must be used before they expire! If it’s coming to the end of the year and you still have coverage, it is better to use your remaining benefits rather than waiting until you have an acute injury. You should be able to have a thorough assessment and at least one or two treatment sessions done before the year’s end and can delay the rest of the work until the following year when your benefits reset.

If you haven’t used up all of your insurance benefits for this year, schedule an appointment with one of our therapists today. Our staff will make sure to get you in as soon as possible so we can provide you with the care you need and help you maximize your benefits.